3 Foods for Skin Health

You want to know the secret to healthy skin? While most people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars searching for the right products, many of the skin curing ingredients we need can be found right in our refrigerator. This year, our goal is to teach you how to care for your skin from the inside out!

  1. Green Tea

Drinking warm or hot tea has many skin and health benefits. Green tea it loaded with antioxidants that can help lower your risk for many preventable diseases. It can also help improve brain function, maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and burn fat. Green tea is also anti-inflammatory and helps to fight free-radicals which protects your skin from sun damage. It can also aid in the reduction of the appearance of redness that can be associated with skin ailments like rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. It is recommended that you drink a cup of green tea before every meal for best results.

  1. Nuts

Nuts like almonds and walnuts can be found in any local grocery store. Its primary benefit to your skin is improving its overall elasticity making the skin smooth and supple. These nuts are packed with vitamins A, C and E and also minerals like zinc. Snacking on nuts can be a great addition to your diet as they also full of omega 3 fatty acids and can curb your appetite by making you feel fuller longer.

2. Sweet Potatoes

Vitamin A deficiency is a huge reason for dry, dull skin . That coupled with the cold winter, could leave your skin cracked and peeling. Consuming foods high in beta carotene is necessary for healthy, glowing skin and sweet potatoes are a tasty treat that can be easily prepared. In fact, consuming the entire sweet potato layers on the benefits by boosting the nutritional value with fiber and potassium.