Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin



Most of our Customers Experience this During the Summer: Dehydrated SkinThroughout your life your skin will change constantly. In fact, every 27 days our skin cells begin to rebuild. So it is no surprise that our skin and skin condition changes with each new season. Proper skincare is necessary to keep your skin looking and feeling great and during the summer this only increases in importance.

Is your skin dehydrated or just dry?
In the summer time when temperatures increase, our skin can become dry or dehydrated if we are not drinking enough water or using products that ass moisture to our skin. Dry skin and dehydrated skin share some symptoms but are two different issues. Dry skin lacks natural oils and is a skin type meaning people with dry skin almost always experience dry skin. Dry skin can be scaly, red or irritated. Dehydrated skin looks pale, itchy, and dull. Dehydrated skin makes fine lines more noticeable and can even cause dark spots on the skin as a severe lack of water.

How to do I test fo see if my skin is dehydrated?
You can do a simple test to determine if your skin is dehydrated or not. Take a small portion of your skin around the cheek area and squeeze lightly. If you notice any wrinkling and if the skin doesn’t bounce back after you let go, then your skin may be dehydrated.

How to treat dehydrated skin?
You can treat dehydrated skin with simple lifestyle changes. The first is drinking plenty fo water, but of course, not too much. As a general rule of thumb, drinking 8 glasses of water per day or half your body weight in ounces should help. But be careful as drinking too much water can result in a loss of minerals. A reduction in drinking alcohol. smoking cigarettes and eating fatty foods also greatly help in rehydrating the skin. When out in the sun, using a light, water-based moisturizer preferably with an SPF (Healthy Glow Moisturizer) will aid in adding moisture back to the skin.

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